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If you’re looking to stay in or move to Australia, we support you by ensuring your rights are met. Handling your case in the most efficient and effective way possible is our utmost priority. With a real passion for helping people, we don’t shy away even from the most challenging cases.

What We Do

In Australia, you can seek the help of a migration agent or a lawyer. With the visa fees already expensive, many people can’t afford the help of a lawyer. As a migration agency lead by a principal with legal training and experience, ME Migration brings you the best of both worlds at an affordable price.

We can help you compile applications for a range of Australian visas. If your visa has been refused or cancelled, we can help you appeal against the decision.

Why Choose Us

Legal Expertise

ME Migration is led by Madalina, who has over a decade of experience in the legal industry. Interpreting and applying Australian migration law to help your case is the key to success. We know your rights and help you achieve your goals.

Network of Specialists

When you choose ME Migration, you get access to a network of professionals with specialised expertise. We bring you the best advice in all areas needed to help you obtain a visa.

We Care

ME Migration was founded by an immigrant who has been through the process. We process each case with diligence and care. Here, you’re more than just a number - you’ll be kept informed every step of the way.

Wealth of Knowledge

We have a wealth of knowledge on how the different governmental institutions work, using this information to strengthen your case. Instead of false promises, we’ll give you honest advice.

Meet Madalina

Madalina is the founder and principal agent at ME Migration. She was previously a lawyer in Europe, operating a legal practice for over 10 years, before moving to Australia and becoming a registered migration agent. Madalina is passionate about helping immigrants to Australia get justice and achieve their goals. As an immigrant to Australia herself, she has experienced the migration process first-hand. Seeing what a difference a skilled agent can make motivated her to create ME Migration.

Since launching ME Migration in June 2018, she’s helped clients lodge successful visa applications, skills assessments as well as review applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Only registered migration agents and lawyers are legally allowed to give immigration assistance in Australia. As a registered migration agent, Madalina is committed to working by the Registered Migration Agents' code of conduct.

MARN: 1804962

What people are saying about ME Migration

Working with Madalina was the best experience I could ask for. We all know how stressful and complicated visa applications can be. Working with someone who as well as being professional, is an amazing compassionate human makes the process much easier.

Madalina has great attention to details and is very honest throughout the whole process. Having extensive knowledge of her field, she also is very approachable and proactive. I felt 100% supported during my visa application process with her.

I will never forget when she called me to let me know I got my PR, she was even happier than me! I cannot recommend her more!

Farhad Ahmadian

Madalina handled my Visa application in a very caring and compassionate manner. After our initial chat where she got to know more about my personal situation, Madalina guided me through the process to gather the information and documents required to prepare the application. When all the information was at hand, Madalina began to prepare my application making sure to check back with me on an ongoing basis to ensure accuracy and integrity were always maintained. Once we were both happy with the documents, Madalina lodged the application and also took care of all other associated requirements.

The wonderful service didn’t end once the application was lodged as Madalina monitored progress on almost a daily basis, following through with relevant departments as required to prevent things from becoming stalled anywhere along the way. Although we are not situated in the same city or state, Madalina and I often spoke by phone and came to know and understand each other well. As a result, I always felt Madalina understood and cared about me as a person and I was not just another number to her.


Stop! Don't go anywhere else! While the other lawyers arrogantly charge unscrupulous amounts per hour, Madalina spells out succinctly what she will actually do for you for her price. Which was a far more practical and easy decision to make. At least we knew exactly where we stood with Madalina all the way through.

For all those Aussie’s born in the Australian territory of Papua New Guinea before 1975 - Madalina is the correct person to help resolve the madness.

Madalina has helped me resolve a 20 year issue in relation to my proof of Australian citizenship very fast and efficiently.

We could not recommend Madalina any more highly. Make sure one at least considers and speaks to her before deciding on who one wants to represent them.

Danny Lanfranco

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